People’s Summer | #1

Today is officially the start of my first week as a fellow for the Abdul for Michigan gubernatorial campaign! I’ve been on the campaign since the end of the Fall semester, and I am extremely excited to continue my work. We’ve already had a huge influx of new volunteers, fellows and campaign staff – and the summer hasn’t even officially started yet. A few weeks back we dubbed the summer of 2018 as the “People’s Summer”, and it’s truly already shaping up to be just that.

I have quite a few goals for this fellowship, and I expect this to be an extremely busy summer. My main job will be to help run the Help Desk during the absence of one of the Help Desk Leaders. The Help Desk is a very important component of voter outreach – through it, volunteers answer constituents’ questions and concerns, direct people accordingly to various members of our team and help schedule press and organizational-related manners. I’ve been a Help Desk member since we launched the platform, and since many of our members (mostly college students who have either also entered the Fellowship program, or are no longer continuing with the campaign) have left, I suppose it only made sense to ask an “old pro” to step in and help out. I’m very excited for what this summer has to bring our Help Desk – I heard that we will not only be expanding our operations but that we will also be getting a few staff members who will be responsible for helping us run the program.

Besides Help Desk activities, I will also be taking on fellowship responsibilities – phonebaking, textbanking, canvassing, coordinating volunteers, helping set up rallies and events. Honestly, getting out and talking to people from all over Michigan was my favorite part of the campaign so far. It’s amazing to connect to other people and talk to them about Abdul – especially when people realize how Abdul’s policies and plans will help make their lives better. My main goal is to help gain (and switch!) as many votes as I can for Abdul. I’m excited to see what this summer has to offer – and I’m ready to #DoTheWork in order to make Abdul’s governorship a reality!

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