People’s Summer | #5

Today marks the final week-and-a-half of my campaign fellowship. I feel as if I say this with every blog post, but I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. And there’s still so much more work to do! We’re calling, texting and knocking on more doors than ever before. The Help Desk is busier than ever as well – I’m easily auditing 80 messages every night! I feel as though I’ve finally found my groove, and a healthy balance between all the responsibilities I’m juggling.

The past few weeks have been especially hard in terms of the work I put in to the Help Desk. I actually finally had to reach out to a supervisor about it, as I found myself picking up the slack of some people. It was a difficult decision to make – on one hand, I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble, or make myself seem incapable of doing the work. However, on the other, I wasn’t able to shoulder all the work by myself and found my standards slipping. In hindsight, I know that bringing this up was the right thing to do, but the decision to do so really cemented my first big “workplace conflict”, so to speak, during this internship. Luckily, the person who I reached out to was very understanding and sympathetic and agreed with me. I hope that she’ll be able to have a conversation with the rest of my team about it and that we can put this instance behind us.

In other news, Sara (the other Help Desk leader) is back from France! I had an extremely bittersweet moment when I heard the news. I knew from the start that I was only going to act as a Help Desk leader for the two months she was gone, but I really grew attached to the role. I bonded a lot with our Help Desk team and had a lot of fun doing the audits and meetings and reports. Selfishly, I wished that I could remain in my role until at least the Primary.

However, all’s well that ends well, because the very same day, Aarica (our Distributed Organizer) reached out to me and asked me to stay on as an official Help Desk leader! She believes that it will be beneficial to have three leaders, especially while helping Sara transition back into her duties. We’ve had a lot of new members and a lot of changes in terms of how we run the Help Desk, so I’m in the process of catching Sara up on all of that. I’m extremely excited for this opportunity – especially because that means I will be able to stay on the campaign after we (hopefully!) win the Primary!

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