Research: Week 6

As I am nearing the last few weeks of my internship, I have been continuing to research sweatshops and child labor. After my meeting with my PI, we have decided that my goals for this upcoming week are to try to find some valid data, possibly on wages and multinationals. Then, if I am able to find data, use econometrics to analyze the relationship between these two variables. If I can do this, then I think my goal for the end of this experience will be to write a paper summarizing findings and the importance of regulation in both fair trade certification and in sweatshops/ child labor. I’ve been looking ahead to my classes in the fall, trying to get a good grasp of what my schedule will be like and I think this internship experience will align well with some of my classes, which I’m looking forward to. Additionally, I think this experience has been preparing me for my next steps after I graduate in December by allowing me to explore what a research position in economics would be like and by giving me experience to apply to a position at a non-profit, which is my dream job. Hopefully, I will be able to find data within the upcoming week and finally be able to gain experience in that realm.

I had family visiting this past weekend and it was so much fun! We ate a lot of great seafood from a local fish market at the dock in Newport Beach that sells the fish that they had caught that morning. We also had some delicious xiao long bao and tea at Din Tai Fung, went on a tour of Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills, and went whale watching on the fastest whale watching boat in OC. Although the water was too warm for there to be any whales in sight, we got caught in a ginormous pod of dolphins, about 750-1,000 of them! We were on a speed boat, so we were able to get close enough to pet them if we wanted. It was truly incredible, something I had never experienced before. It was a very memorable visit, and I’m glad I got to experience the area to the fullest before the end of my internship.

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  • August 9, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    Congrats on the final wrap up of your internship in the coming weeks!
    Your intentionality in looking to the fall (and beyond) will serve you well in drawing on your learning and growth this summer. You mentioned that many of your fall classes align with your internship — what insights/skills do you see transferring to your academics this fall?

    Since you noted an interest in non-profit work, I’m not sure if you’ve explored before? Another helpful resource as you identify positions to apply to!

    I’m glad you had the opportunity to explore local sights, and have time with your family. I can’t believe you saw so many dolphins, that’s crazy!! If you have any photos, please share!

    Best of luck as you wrap up your final weeks,

    • August 13, 2018 at 12:46 pm

      Hi Beth,

      I’m taking developmental economics in the fall, which I am expecting to be heavy on academic journal readings. It’s right up my alley in terms of this research position, I’m excited to learn more about this topic.

      I had not heard of that site yet, I’ll definitely check it out, thanks!



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