Same me, New Discoveries- #5

With the end of my internship nearing, it is fun to look back and think of the progress made from my first day and now. I am enjoying my internship much more now because of the scheduling. I like organization and having gotten used to the La Casa scheduling, I feel prepared and productive every day. My favorite part about my job is that because of it, I have acknowledged a part of me that I want to bring out of the shadows more. I have learned to validate my interest in marketing and social media. Before I didn’t think of the aspect of social media to be such an important role but after my internship, I have learned that it actually what makes or breaks events. I consider myself to be a very creative person so being able to put my interests and skills to use for the advancement of Latinx Heritage Month and my community, is very meaningful to me.

Our weekly meeting to address updates and assign tasks.

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