Week 6 in Tirana

I think, I know actually, the greatest takeaway from my internship in Albania has to be the positive and healthy habits that I will carry along with me to Ann Arbor and beyond. A lot of these habits have have sprung up do to the environment I am currently living in, and that is what I can not stress enough. Living in America, I have so many things constantly at my disposal: air conditioning, WiFi, carry out, a car, a dryer, etc. However, living in Albania I have resorted to finding creative ways to entertain myself do to the fact I have no television or internet at home. I am studying more, reading more, and I have picked up on a favorite hobby of mine–cooking. The reading part is very crucial because I feel fulfilled and not empty compared to sitting on a coach doing absolutely nothing, or even strolling along the internet till my eyes are dry. Cooking in Albania has been great since all I have to do is walk 10 steps outside and have access to an array of Mediterranean food that is abundant and affordable. Simple really is better, less stressful, peaceful, and I am fortunate to be “awaken” again because when life gets hectic it’s easy to forget what you have.

One thought on “Week 6 in Tirana

  • August 7, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    Hi John, I really appreciate this post! Sometimes simpler is better, but here in the US there are so many temptations to constantly be tuned in to Netflix, social media, scrolling down internet lists, etc.

    I had a similar experience when I was in Iceland earlier this summer. Without access to internet in my free time I either cooked, read, or slept. The forced simplicity was actually super fulfilling, and since I’ve been back I am trying really hard to keep up these habits.

    Excited to see what you bring back in the fall!


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