Work/Life Balance #3

Balancing work and life can be  a bit difficult at times, trying to balance research and all of the projects and tasks that I am working on as well as studying for the MCAT, exercising regularly, social life,  and household chores etc. Especially due to my carpal tunnel that I have discussed in the previous blog, I am much slower in doing things in my research work as well as in my daily life. This adds to more time spent on activities enough time spent on relaxation and “me” time.  


In order to resolve this problem, I have made a couple of  optimizations in my life have allowed me to save time and spend more time doing things that I enjoy and are good for my well-being. For example, instead of taking the time to fry or scramble eggs or packing lunch I will prepare things weekly on Sunday to streamline my time in the morning. I will boil eggs and chop up a large salad so that every morning instead of eating breakfast and packing lunch, all I have to do is throw a couple eggs into my lunch bag and pack my salad and a piece of cheese or cashews and I will be on my way. Another way I save time, Is by making a large jug of green tea  and placing it in the fridge so that each day I can just pour the tea into my canister and I will be able to have a caffeinated beverage that will provide me with energy for the day but I don’t have to brew it or take the time to make each morning.


Another way that I like to save time to complete all of my activities  is that I like to read while I’m waiting for the bus as well as riding the bus. It allows me to get more of my reading done during the time that I would otherwise  be spending literally watching cars go by.


Lastly, as finding time to exercise is difficult with research, friend/ family time, and MCAT studying,  I like to take my MCAT books with me to the gym and read them while I am on the elliptical. In this way, I can feel  extremely productive and have more relaxation time for myself at night.


*I am writing this with voice to text  because of my carpal tunnel syndrome so please disregard any punctuation, spelling, or grammar mistakes.

One thought on “Work/Life Balance #3

  • August 30, 2018 at 10:58 am

    It sounds like you’ve really put a lot of effort into maximizing the efficiency of everything you do. Great work thinking through all of these things and finding all of these ways to make things easier.

    Glad to hear that you’re finding ways around the carpel tunnel. It seems like you’re managing very well and not letting it hampering you or your work at all. Being able to do your work professionally, while also being able to continue getting things done personally can be challenging, but it really sounds like you’re doing a great job of managing both.

    Keep up the good work and continue learning!


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