Almost Over | Post 5

(Just realized I forgot to publish this post last week!)

This week has been business as usual, with the addition of a new “homework assignments” given to us from the MSPICED program. These assignments are to write a research report and create a poster on one of the projects that we worked on this summer; we chose to do the Help Dogs study. I actually really enjoy making posters, and the fact that all of the research assistants get to work as a team (Sam, Janelis, and I) makes it even better. However, this poster is a bit different from what I’ve made before because we had to run our own analysis on the data to find the result of the study. And, we also had to have a whole section on limitations because that is a very prevalent part for this study which prevented us from drawing a concrete conclusion from it. Although it is a bit annoying to not have a concrete result or conclusion after running the study the whole summer, I can see the good in it as it allows me to see that you don’t always get a concrete answer from research; sometimes running a study opens up even more questions than you began with.

In other news, the program ends in one week but it totally doesn’t feel that way. Today was Janelis’ last day as she is moving to Chicago to start her post-graduation program working at schools in the downtown area of Chicago. We were all super sad to see her go but excited for her to start her post-college life. It’s crazy to think that she has already graduated college while I’m just starting my sophomore year, and it makes me wonder what I’ll be doing three years from now after I graduate. But, I don’t know if I can even think that far ahead, after all, I still can’t believe that this summer program is almost over.

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