Blog 3: stress during an internship

As I move forward during my internship, I have encountered personal stress due to the amount of work and summer classes that I had. I thought that sharing this issue through my blogging is important so I could reflect on the experience I had and compare to any future job. During finals week I had trouble managing office work and school work and it made me realize that I had a lot of stress on my shoulders. My supervisor was kind enough to allow me to study during my internship or to have any days to study for my school work. I truly appreciated what my supervisor did for me because it allowed me to have enough time to attend group study and office hours.My supervisor talked to me about his future and said that he will be in my shoes in the future because he will attend grad school along with having his job. I realized that having an internship and summer classes all at once will help me to prepare my time in the fall. My supervisor supported me by giving me the opportunity to spend time on school work. I appreciated the help he gave me during my finals week and have learned more about him through this stressful period of my internship.

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