Growing through the Internship #4

So far my internship has been a very different experience than what I have been used to in previous jobs. Before, for the most part, I haven’t been exposed to working in the corporate world and it was something I was actually pretty opposed to because I didn’t want to work somewhere I would feel restricted in or work in a place that I couldn’t continue to grow in and for the most part, many corporations have that reputation but as I have been working at DTE I realized that there are multiple areas in corporate America that allow for growth and can be different from the status quo of stuffy jobs. While I have been exploring the different departments at here I realized that my need to learn and my creativity can be useful when working in a corporation especially when it comes to being a leader and facilitating good work between multiple people. I have also learned a lot from the strengths finder quiz that I took that have given me a lot of insight on what I have to offer, especially in a group setting. I feel like I can see how useful starting in a corporate position can be very beneficial in the long run depending on what someone might go into and that there are many opportunities that people don’t realize exist when looking for jobs that can provide meaning.


Raised in Detroit. U of M class of 2019

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