How The Farm has Changed Me / 5

Education is one main aspect and focus of The Farm at St. Joe’s. They have a goal of education people from seed to stomach to help them understand what vegetables are, how they’re grown, how to use them, and how diet is a crucial aspect of our lives. They aim to “make curiosity cool again”. They encourage questions and gaining knowledge. They do not judge anyone for not knowing something, but rather get excited when someone is curious about expanding their knowledge.
This aspect of “making curiosity cool again” has given me quite a new outlook on how I operate within my daily life. It has made me try to experience everything as a kid would for the first time and with a new found curiosity. It has helped me to view things from a new perspective, see things I haven’t before, and gain a deeper understanding of things I thought I knew everything about. I’m no longer embarrassed to ask questions because I don’t view it as lacking anymore. I now view it as a positive thing, for you are showing interest in expanding your knowledge. Living this way has made my life much more exciting and interesting because each day I wake up wondering what new things I will learn and experience, even when I know it ill be a mundane and routine day. I’m more carefree and happier knowing that life doesn’t always have to be taken so seriously. Life is much more fulfilling when you can channel your inner child sometimes.

The accessible hoop house face at The Farm

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