New Perspectives | #5

Going into my internship at Tuleste, I imagined I would focus on the creative aspects of the business including making graphics. However, I quickly learned that creativity and analytics are an important team in this industry. This internship has given me a new perspective on the design industry and the fashion industry.

As a student at Michigan, I have held graphic design positions in student organizations and jobs on campus. In these positions, I’ve focused on the creation of content and the management of design teams. However, my internship at Tuleste showed me that there is more to graphic design in the real world besides just making the content. Here I learned how important data and analytics are in the design world. For example, a lot of our design content (i.e. email blasts, social media graphics, website graphics) is based on information about how successful similar past content has been. Statistics like number of clicks, number of opened emails, etc. are incredibly important to concluding what avenue is most successful in reaching our clientele. What’s more, split testing informs us on which groups respond best to what content. With split testing, one group of email recipients receives one version of an email blast while the other group receives the same email blast with one variation. For example, we may alter the picture in the email. This allows us to see what the most effective way is to communicate with our customers in order to best serve them and to increase sales.

While graphic design is an incredibly creative field, I did not comprehend the value of using data in graphic design. Learning how statistics can augment the success of design work has given me a new perspective on what it means to be a graphic designer in the fashion industry. It made me learn that the most important piece of design is communicating to the viewer clearly and effectively. Knowing this will be incredibly valuable and will bring a new perspective to future graphic design positions.

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