Outside of Work #4

My internship is located in New Jersey and because it’s close to New York, I have been able to do a lot of fun things outside of work. I really enjoy Broadway shows and some of the other interns do as well. With our collective interest and close proximity to New York, we’ve gone to quite a few Broadway shows, nine to be exact, which is an excessive and expensive amount for only a few months. But we’ve been able to get pretty cheap tickets for most of the shows, and we were getting paid from our internship. Additionally, some of the other interns are not from the area and/or starting grad school in the fall so they won’t have much other time or opportunity to explore New York. We made an effort to go into the city most weekends and see Broadway shows and explore New York.

My top three this summer were Waitress, Kinky Boots and Wicked, and I would recommend any of these. Wicked has student discount tickets, and Waitress and Kinky Boots are sold discounted at the TKTS booth at Times Square for same day tickets.
Some other things that we’ve done in the city is go to Brooklyn, Central Park, the Highline, and bike along the Hudson River. In Brooklyn, we visited the Brooklyn Bridge and went to the area in Brooklyn known as DUMBO, which has a beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge. We also went to Smorgasburg which is a food festival. With all of these fun locations, we’ve been able to eat at lot of restaurants and get ice cream at various spots in the city. Overall, I really enjoyed the opportunity to visit and explore New York with my new friends.

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  • August 9, 2018 at 6:11 am

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