Studying Medical Interns #4

Things are starting to get very interesting with the internship, even though there have been some roadblocks along the way. I want to start off this post by focusing on the importance of technology and its maintenance in my lab and the work I have been doing for them this summer. Basically, our data collection methods rely on surveys and data collected on subjects through our app. Yes we have an app. It’s great to have this advanced technology to further our work, but at the same time comes a huge responsibility with taking sure the technology runs well and without issues for the thousands of people using it. Any down time means the loss of very important and expensive data that can be used to further research in the field of medical interns and depression/stress. I had to take on a somewhat different role and deal with our participants directly when they were having problems with our app, whether it was in relation to an error on their end or bugs in the system that have not yer been fixed by the app developers. It is very interesting to help troubleshoot so many different situations and it has defiantly helped advance my understanding of “customer service” or “technical assistance” skills.

My independent data analysis is going very well. Slow, but well. I cannot fully disclose the work I am doing with it since it is designated to be a complete research project by the time I am done with it and hope to have it published in a journal. I have identified which participants qualify for the analysis that I am doing. All that is left that to do is compute their data and run tests on it to see if it is indeed significantly related to the variables I am researching. Sounds short but this will be my life for the next few weeks at minimum. I am beyond trilled for the experience and to share what skills I am gaining in my next blog post.

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  • August 12, 2018 at 2:58 pm

    Hi, Mohamad – I’m sorry for the delay in responses! Got a little backlogged – so I’ll respond to both posts in this one!

    The Moe-Method! I love it! Definitely speaks to your attention to detail and organization skills which are essential in the research you’re doing now and in med school down the line. It’s great too that you’ve been able to serve in a technical assistance realm as well. I did a lot of tech support in my last role and it taught me so much about patience and communication. Are you finding the same?

    Good luck with your data analysis in the next couple of weeks! Can’t wait to hear about the skills you gain in your next post!


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