Updates | Week 4

During the fourth week, we focused primarily on preparing for the photoshoot at the castle. Unfortunately, the female models backed out at the last minute, but we still had two male models and a few of Jess’ friends that volunteered to be in the photos. The male models were actually a couple that model full time for big brands such as Burberry. How cool is that!? You’ll see one of them pictured below:

For the shoot, we bought rainbow-colored beverages and poured them into the Vivica Tea Bottles to both promote the product and show our love and support for the LGBTQ community. It was the week of Stockholm Pride, so nearly all of our content last week centered on Pride, especially leading up to the parade. My supervisor, Jess, spent the weekend in Stockholm and attended the massive parade! (On a side note, cutting my supervisor’s purple wig and helping to douse her face in glitter? Definitely not in the job description . . . but fun nonetheless).

 Vivica Tea Bottles



When the week returned to a bit of normalcy, my fellow intern began editing and sifting through the hundreds of photos from the week while I started crafting a price list for Midsummer Tea. I put together both a digital PDF version that can be emailed to customers as well as a physical front-and-back copy.

I finished the week by writing a couple of blog posts and crafting the next couple of newsletters. I’m really happy with how the newsletters are turning out and hope to expand our e-list even more in the coming weeks! Jess and I have been going back and forth with ideas about how to increase our contact base. So far, we have posted graphics to Insta Story prompting users to type their email in order to receive a discount off their first purchase. And last week, I also figured out how to add a pop-up to our website.

Her big idea for enticing people to sign up is to create and send a 10-page ebook full of fun recipes, so that’s my project for the fifth week!


One thought on “Updates | Week 4

  • August 9, 2018 at 10:29 am


    Thanks for sharing on how this shoot ended up going – we were all excited to hear more about it at the Hub!

    Your internship experience definitely sounds like it requires you to wear a lot of hats – the phrase “other duties as assigned” lives in job descriptions precisely for the very reasons you outlined through this particular experience! However, you would not be asked to do so many different things without earning the trust of your supervisor and stakeholders, and that trust is earned through positive outcomes and work ethic, so kudos to you!

    You talked about some of the different projects your working on – what specific skills do you think you would align with those experiences in the context of an interview? How would you highlight specific skills on a résumé or cover letter? Reflecting on the transferable skills that you put into practice when completing these projects, and figuring out a way to articulate those skills across multiple industries and experiences is a really important skill to hone as you move into your professional journey, so I encourage you to take some time and really think about how you would frame these experiences!

    I’m excited to hear about the recipe book! Keep up the good work!


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