Week 9 – Random Thoughts on our Innovations Challenge #5

For the past few weeks 1/3 of the interns have been working on this challenge called “The Innovations Challenge.” This challenge was launched for interns to come up with innovative ways to tackle certain existing problems. Our problem for this summer was: “How might we, as members of the health care ecosystem, provide additional mental health support for today’s high school and college age students?

After some discussions, my team and I decided to approach this problem statement in a slightly different angle. We decided to tackle the stigma and lack of utilization and knowledge of mental health resources by creating an app that connects high school students anonymously and guides them to appropriate resources; we noted that our app differentiates from a hotline in that it is more of a preventative measure. 

Tomorrow will be the day of our final presentation. I was blessed with fantastic teammates that all did their share of work and took on responsibilities when they needed to. We are confident that we have a fairly good shot at getting the first place, but I am also very excited about listening to other groups’ ideas. I hope it will turn out well.

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