What I wish I had known #5

When I applied to my current internship I had no idea what anything related to business what like. I had always thought that understanding aspects about business and corporations was something that was only necessary for people who when to the Ross School of Business. Now I understand that in everything you can go to having an understanding of business that is basic is always useful. If I understood different parts of businesses and what it takes to run a large company I would have known what specific field I would have been interested in and been able to apply to that area from the beginning giving me some more opportunities to network more closely with people in the area I am interested in. However, I don’t regret my lack of understanding because I have been able to learn a lot through exposure in the program I have been a part of and I can say that I am much more knowledgeable in the areas of large businesses that I find  interesting and would be want to learn more about.


Raised in Detroit. U of M class of 2019

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