#1 About my Internship

While searching and applying to internships, I was hoping to go somewhere out of state to be able to travel and experience new things. However, I was not able to find anything that best suited my educational and personal goals. I then decided that I wanted to work in Michigan to be able to pay for my already existing rent. I applied for the community relations internship at Emergent Health Partners and heard back from them right away for an interview. While I was not too sure about the opportunity, it was one of my last options available to have a summer internship. I met the couple people I would be working closely with during the interview and felt very comfortable right away. They told me more about the internship and how I would be working at camps with kids, which is something that I like and that I have experience with. I will be helping in facilitating free health and safety camps for kids ages 8-12 throughout the duration of the summer, while also reaching out to different sponsors, getting donations, interacting with different people of authority, etc. I do not particularly enjoy sitting in an office behind a computer, so being able to do a job that does not require me to sit in a chair all day long is perfect for me.

I am hoping that this internship helps in strengthening my communication skills. Although I will be working with kids, I will also have a lot of professional responsibilities to overcome and learn about. Working with and teaching kids is a good start to build confidence, communication, and interpersonal skills. Along with this, I will also be communicating with parents about questions and concerns they may have.

I am nervous but very excited to be able to work for Emergent Health Partners this summer. I cannot wait to see how this opportunity strengthens my personal and professional abilities.

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