#2 First Few Weeks

The majority of my internship will be assisting in running summer camps, but since they have not started yet, I have been doing other things to get my internship started. I have been meeting many people who work for Emergent Health Partners and their role within the company. I have also been learning about the different divisions and parts of the company. It is important for me to know about how the company runs and what other people do in order to better understand what my impact will be for those around me.

So far I have made a lot of new connections, and everyone I have met has been very welcoming, which has made the transition easy and comfortable. I have been doing some small projects to ease into things like making spreadsheets, contacting sponsors for food donations, and filing through paperwork/online submissions. While I know the things that I have been doing are beneficial, I feel like there is more I could be doing. My days seem short, and the work that I have to do does not take a long time for me to finish.

I am hoping that things will begin to pick up, so I will be able to feel more useful to the company. I know it is just starting, and I am looking forward to learning and working more.

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