The end…|Blog Post #6

I’ve grown a lot because of this experience. I still have one week left at the camp (I decided to stay another 2 weeks) and I’m realizing that my career goals are shifting slightly. Although I love working with kids hands on, I’m realizing that at time I do not have the patience. I do want to make a difference in their lives though. I am glad I was able to see just how important accessibility is and something as small as a summer camp can positively affect a child’s life. I can honestly say I’ve made some type of connection with every child at the camp. They have made a difference in my life just as much as I have theirs. I have plans of going into juvenile law of some kids and being a bright light in the life of many children.

One thought on “The end…|Blog Post #6

  • August 12, 2018 at 2:16 pm

    Hi Aasha!

    It’s been really fun to read your blogs and see the shift in your perspective from really enjoying interacting with the kids and seeing the direct impact you’ve been able to have on their day to day language – to wanting to impact a wide variety of young individuals by going into juvenile law.

    It’s also clear that you’ve valued your time in the city itself and that working in Detroit this summer has deepened your understanding of it. I particularly appreciated your reflection on how hard funding is to come by in some parts of this city when it seems more abundant in others. This deeper understanding of non-profits and city structures is sure to serve you in your law aspirations.

    I also want to acknowledge that with this post you’ve met the six blog requirement. You’re more than welcome to continue to blog and I’ll continue to follow your posts! However if this is the last time that I hear from you on the blog we’d love to see you stop by the Hub in the Fall to discuss how you can represent this experience on your resume, LinkedIn, in networking conversations, and/or in interviews!

    I hope you enjoy your last week at the camp!

    – Jamie


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