American Red Cross National Headquarters – #4

The IHL Team at American Red Cross National Headquarters

Randall Bagwell, Esme Aston, Griffin Ferry, Maria Muzaurieta, Noah O’Connor, Andrew Johnson

This summer, I’m an intern at American Red Cross National Headquarters. Pictured above is the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Team based in Washington, D.C.

The IHL team educates the American public on IHL and the values on which it’s based in order to promote an understanding of and respect for humanity in armed conflict.

Yesterday, the IHL team held an event for the International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA). Over 70 people from around the country came to American Red Cross National Headquarters for an overview of IHL.

I was very lucky to be able to lead the event with the other IHL summer intern, Andrew Johnson.

We did a really fun follow your feet activity, where we listed controversial statements about health care in danger, child soldiering, torture, and other IHL topics and had people decide whether they believed it was allowed or not. We then discussed the legality of the situations!

We also did an activity where groups acted as legal advisors in an armed conflict and had to give advice on what to do in certain situations (ex. Can you target a building with civilians inside?) and had them discuss.

I love being an IHL intern and had such a fun time at this amazing event!

Follow my journey! -Maria Muzaurieta
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