Blog Post #6 – Double-Checking Out

Lifting my final suitcase into the car, I swiped into the building one last time to make sure I hadn’t left anything behind. The last ten weeks flew by in comparison to May, where I wasn’t working. The best thing about leaving was that I knew this wasn’t my last time in DC. After living and working here, I do now see a possibility in working here. Not only did I see so many familiar faces, but expanded my network of them.

I wish that I had a few more weeks here, but I know that being back at school will also help me discover the type of law I want to do. This internship experience has taught me so much – from being even more meticulous than I was before to rediscovering my language skills. I’ve definitely learned more than I thought I would about immigration law, and the rules and regulations that are attached to the ever-present terminologies in the news now. Working with DACA and Visa cases, I felt fulfilled and set on my path to law. Now that I’ve experienced immigration law, I am confident that I can tackle other fields, and see what I am truly passionate about.

As I checked out of the office and checked out of the GW dorms, I got in the car to head back up home. The journey back home seemed shorter now, the distance between New Jersey and Washington DC a little closer than I had felt it before. I knew my way around yet another new city, and I was excited for the next trip here.

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