Congrats MSPICED! #6

I’m finally done with my internship and its been a full 10 weeks of working, reflecting, laughing, sighing, brainstorming, and enjoying my time with MSPICED. I forget if I mentioned this earlier but this was the first year for the MSPICED program and so there were some fallbacks and problems throughout. However, with the great staff and hardworking interns, this program went above and beyond my expectations. I want to specifically thank my mentor, Kristan, who not only walked us through the project from the beginning to the end, but gave advice and feedback for us to learn from our mistakes. Even though I worked on this project during the last school year, this second part also taught me so much about planning the structure of a research project, fixing the variables as they come up, working with kids and scheduling them around their schedule, and so much more. Even though, I’m not sure if I’ll be continuing in this lab for the school year, I am so thankful for the help and support I’ve received from the lab every step of the way.

Now where am I going? Research has been a journey. It has taught me how to build relationships, design posters, write papers, format projects, make methods and procedure, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I will carry these lessons I have learned with me to other fields that I may be interested in. I’m glad we could finish the project with satisfying results and it looks like they will be able to continue on with this project to determine further outcomes for child development. Thank you Dr. Kristan Marchak, Conceptual Development Lab, and the MSPICED program for the opportunity to experience what the research life looks like. This has been a summer I will never forget and a summer where I have grown so much as a researcher and person.

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  • August 17, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    Hi Arim! I hope that you managed to avoid the last participant curse! It sounds like your experience with MSPICED was very positive despite some first year problems. I guess that is to be expected when launching a new program. Thankfully you had a great team problem solvers!

    I am so glad to hear your reflection on the summer and how you will take what you learned into the classroom and beyond. This is a big part of the internship journey and it’s wonderful to know that you have a holistic view of how you can apply your internship education.

    Thank you so much for sharing this summer and have a great year! – Jake


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