2. First Impressions: District 12 Office

Since I’m the first summer intern to start in the office, it’s been a bit slow and lonely. I’ve met all the staff now, there are seven in total as this is a smaller office than the one in D.C. I was surprised at how young most of them are – maybe only a couple years out of college. Everyone is so kind, welcoming, and patient when I expected a very serious and individualistic work environment. That has been a pleasant surprise, as well as how easy the San Francisco public transportation system is to navigate. The first couple of days were heavy with training procedures, but after that, I was started up on all my projects and have been learning by doing.
On just the second week of my internship I got to meet Leader Pelosi. She’s good at her job, genuine and captivating when she speaks. I also met some of the other interns. Most of them are from San Francisco. I’m excited to get to know them better within and outside of the office. It feels like the entire city is buzzing with political activity seeing as this year is a special election for mayor. It’s hard to understand all the procedures, strategies, and power grab moves. I’m excited to understand though.

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