3. First Impressions: Market Street

It’s day four and some things I’ve learned in San Francisco so far are: what buses are emptier at what stops and what times; what side of the street to walk on, for safety and cleanliness (I work off of Market Street); look down when you’re walking but be aware of your surroundings at the same time. As progressive as San Francisco may seem, ¡holy wow! the infrastructure problems lead to true denial of human dignity. I know it’s not just a problem specific to San Francisco, that there’s homeless people everywhere and they have to relieve themselves on the street, they have no choice. It’s just shocking how numb people who have lived here a long time are towards it.
Also, the public health approach with the needles is scary and confusing. I get that on the one hand you can’t have addicted people sharing needles, that’s how disease spreads. But also, if you make needles more accessible to prevent that, now there are so many more used needles littering the streets and children or pets could unknowingly and innocently pick them up.
But also, the amount of people who are willing to put time and energy into civic engagement! I have so much respect for the Tenderloin communities present at city council meetings organizing and making their voices heard. It’s humbling to me.

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