Home Stretch | #4

It’s crazy to think I’m in my last week of my summer internship; it feels like I just started a couple weeks ago, not 8! I’ve learned so much here and have some exciting news that I’ll get to in a bit. First off, we had our  group project presentations last Friday. We had been working on these projects all summer and to finally see them come to fruition was an incredible experience. Despite the fact that I was extremely nervous to present in front of the company’s top executives including the CEO, I somehow managed to stay calm, cool, and collected and our presentation went off without a hitch! We even received praise from the CEO himself, which was really rewarding. It was great to know that all of our hard work throughout the summer paid off.

Now for the exciting news: I just had interviews for a post-graduation job here at my company in the sales department, the department I interned for this summer. Before starting this internship, I was unsure if I’d even like working at this company, let alone living in New York, but I’ve grown close with the other interns and truly love the culture, the products, and the opportunities here. Although I was anxious for my interviews (I had four within two hours this morning!) I think they went really well and I received great feedback. It’s almost incomprehensible to me that I’m graduating next year and may have a post-grad career path lined up before my senior year even starts. With all tasks for my internship completed, there’s only one thing left to do that I’ve been absolutely dreading–pack up to head back to Michigan 🙁


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