Mentoring #4

Throughout the month of July, two new young faces joined our lab through the school’s Aspirnaut Summer Research Internship Program. Two up and coming high school senior from New Mexico joined our lab for a month to get a first hand taste of what it is like to do research as a career. It was interesting having them around because it gave me an opportunity to teach others the lab technique and basic background knowledge of what I spent my entire summer doing. Since their summer work involved a lot of protein analysis and western blotting along with working with the protein Kir7.1, many times their mentors left them with me to help them in these areas since my summer work was based on studying mutations in this protein, and protein quantification and western blots were skill I had to perform on the daily. Teaching the up and coming scientist was really eye opening because it forced me to reflect on the knowledge I had about my research topic, and also on how I performed my analysis in my everyday experiments. In a way, by teaching them about what I did, they optimized they way that I performed it.

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