4. My favorite things

The work I’ve been doing so far is sometimes challenging but always rewarding. My favorite thing to do is help with constituent cases because I get to see the direct impact we make in someone’s life regarding immigration, social security benefits, veterans affairs, and more. The hard part comes when cruel policies pass at the federal level and it feels like even though I’m working in government there is not much I can do immediately. (Which is not true – find out who your representatives are and call them about the issues you care about because it matters!) 
My favorite type of casework is immigration. It is heartbreaking sometimes to read about a constituent’s, or their family member’s, hardship and their need for different kinds of documentation. However, it is satisfying to be able to report back with good news that could help alleviate some personal or financial hardship even if this doesn’t happen terribly often.
One of the coolest and equally as alarming things is that anytime national news would break, especially on the federal level, our office is one of the first to hear, not only from DC but from constituents calling in and furiously opposing or graciously supporting whatever issue is on the news that hour. It’s exciting!

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