Same City, Different Vibe #3

Now that I have really developed a routine, I feel as though I can take ownership of the tasks I do on a regular basis. For instance, every week I handle the tagging and tailing of mice, PCR, and running gels, and whenever it is needed I also section tissue blocks and stain slides for histology. These tasks that I am proficient enough to take care of independently provide me with a certain satisfaction because I know exactly what to do and I don’t need to rely on other members of the lab for assistance. Although this internship takes place in Ann Arbor, it is interesting being in the city over the summer when the dynamics are a bit different than during the school year. My apartment is near downtown, where things are more busy with activity, and since a lot of students have left for the summer, I get the sense that I am connecting with more of the local population that lives here in Ann Arbor. There are also many festivals that Ann Arbor hosts, which are fun to witness. When the Ann Arbor Summer Festival was happening, I could hear all the music performances from my apartment because I lived so close. I also got to experience the Ann Arbor Art Fair, which is a pretty big attraction. These events have given me the chance to see a different side of Ann Arbor that isn’t necessarily present during the school year, and I have definitely enjoyed taking part.


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  • August 10, 2018 at 10:51 am

    Hi Katrina! My name is Shaina and I’m an intern at the Hub. Thank you so much for sharing about the beginning of this exciting experience! I’m glad your lab asked you to stay for the summer months, it seems to have been the perfect situation! It allowed you to not only become more involved and comfortable in the lab setting but also explore the lovely city of Ann Arbor, which is definitely different in the summer. Since you are now more comfortable with your fellow colleagues and supervisors, have you considered starting to network with them? They may have valuable advice or experiences to share for future career opportunities! Your supervisor may be a great professional mentor as well! I’m excited to continue reading about your amazing experience as a lab assistant through the University!


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