The Last Secret Door

My last day at The Mansion on O Street felt like any other typical day. I gave tours, straightened things up, interacted with guests, and worked on my other projects; the only thing that was different was that it was the last time I would do all of it.

I learned many things during my time at The Mansion and my time in D.C. in general, not only from my experiences but also from the people I met. The other interns at The Mansion were from all over, studying all different things and it was great to learn from them. There was one interns that was only there towards the beginning of my time and taught me a lot about what I knew at The Mansion that I got particularly close with. She studies the same thing as me and wants to purse a similar career so we talked about grad school often and she even shared her spreadsheet she made with me about different grad schools. There was one other intern that also studied Anthropology like we did. It was great to be able to talk to them about what they’re doing in school and what they want to do in the future because at Michigan I don’t run into many Anthropology students.

My time interning at The Mansion on O Street was an internship experience like I could have never imagined. I learned many things, including many things about myself, and grew close with all of the people I lived with and worked with. I am also very glad I had the opportunity to live in D.C. and room with such amazing people. The people I met during my time in D.C. are people that I will definitely be staying in contact with.

I can’t wait to return to D.C. and visit The Mansion again to see if I can beat my personal record of number of secret doors I found: 23.

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