United States Mission to the United Nations #6

How have you grown or how has your perspective changed over the course of the internship?

Throughout the course of this internship, I feel I have grown a lot and gained a new perspective in regard to how I see the Department of State, how I see the United States’ role in the United Nations, how I feel I have contributed to USUN, and how I can see my career trajectory going as I move forward in my educational and career goals. Starting out here, I was kind of timid, always wanting to please everyone, and had this picture of what working here would be like. I have learned that not everything is what you think it will be, only because you can’t predict outcomes or know how everything will play out.

In internships like these you expect to grow in ways such as your writing ability, your research capabilities, or expanding your knowledge of foreign policy objectives. But, working in the protocol office/executive office, I have also grown in interpersonal skills, communication skills, learned how to be effective in a fast-paced work environment, and how to be content with what you are doing and know that when that task is done right, that you will have proven to your supervisor that you are a strong intern. This experience has taught me so many things and I am so blessed to have been able to work with the USUN staff and Ambassador Haley in particular. I have learned a lot about team work, the steps that it takes to complete a project, and how to be a good employee.

I have learned a lot about what I want to do in the future as well. I wrote a previous blog post about what that entails and how law school may not be in my life plan, but grad school could be based on what I’ve discussed with staff at USUN. I have grown to be a lot more open-minded and now have the ability to change my plans as life goes on. This experience has helped me to grow in many ways and I am really glad that I had this opportunity.

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  • August 29, 2018 at 11:12 am

    Hi Monika – and congratulations on wrapping up your summer internship!! All of your posts have been really reflective which demonstrated that you were really learning a lot not only from the actual day-to-day roles and responsibilities of your internship, but also from the people with whom you were engaging and how you were experiencing living in another city. I particularly loved and appreciated your comment about when you get to where you’re going, it will be because of the work you put in, and not because of a law degree : ) As you return to campus, I encourage you to consider coming by the Hub and meeting with one of our awesome career coaches. They can be really helpful in encouraging you to think about how you want to include this experience on your resume, and what next steps might be worthwhile to think about for grad school. I hope you enjoy your last few days before classes begin, and I wish you all the best in your future!


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