1. What and why

I’m interning at Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s district office in San Francisco this summer. I’ve never worked with any local governments or federal agencies before, so I’m not sure what to expect. I was drawn to this opportunity because I hope to be doing policy work that directly affects under-served populations. This internship will allow me a first glimpse into what that entails domestically. In the long term, it would provide me with the framework and foundation of what it’s like to work for a large government body. This would be truly beneficial since, in the long term, I want to have an international career working in human rights policy.

Through this internship I hope to learn more about how citizens engage our government through the House of Representatives and what impact I can have, as a non-citizen, in this process. This is exciting to me because, as a permanent resident, I often feel like I can’t have as much of an impact in government given that I can’t vote yet, but this feels like a step towards affecting change in the capacities that I can, while getting the chance to meet intelligent people who are also passionate about, and motivated by, issues of justice and how to address them through policy.

As with any internship opportunity, my goal is to learn as much as possible, and figure out if I like this kind of work so I can get closer to defining what I want my career to look like.

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