Blog #1: The Beginning

I have always had an interest in current events and journalism.  When trying to decide what to do this summer, a family friend told me I should look into getting an internship with the Better Government Association, a watch dog organization in Chicago.  After doing some research, the investigative journalism internship at the Better Government Association seemed like something I would be interested in doing this summer.  Although I am currently undecided in what I want to do, I thought this internship would be a great way to get an idea of what investigative journalism and reporting is like. I am hoping to learn about the full investigative, reporting process necessary to deliver a strong story.  I am extremely excited to delve into this new opportunity, yet a little nervous as well because I am the first intern the BGA has hired that hasn’t already graduated from college.  I have little field experience beyond doing a journalism program at Columbia College in high school, but I am ready to fully jump into this internship ready to learn!

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