Blog #4: CHA Meeting

So, after going through thousands and thousands of inspection sheets, and organizing and reorganizing all of the data, I was getting a little tired of this work.  Fortunately, Alejandra, the reporter I work under, asked me to go report on the monthly CHA meeting! I was not only excited to get out of the office and have something new to do, but this was my first opportunity to show Alejandra my reporting skills.  At the meeting, I sat at the back, and listened intently, waiting for the board to talk on the subject of elevator renovations in public housing.  At the end of the meeting, people of the community had the opportunity to ask a question to the CHA board or express a concern.  A number of public housing residents spoke about the difficulties they face due to the dysfunctional elevators.  Many residents are unable to leave their apartments because there are no working elevators and they are unable to take the stairs.  Other residents complained that individuals were squatting in their lobbies in front of the elevators because they weren’t working.  Actually being able to hear the complaints of the residents helped me reconnect to the story.  Instead of just staring at inspection sheets all day, I was listening to people who go through struggles every single day because of these malfunctioning elevators.  This rejuvenated me spirit, and rekindled my eagerness to do the best job I possibly could for this story.

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