Changing my Professional Aspirations #6

While I was growing up I was certain that I wanted to be a doctor and as I have been experiencing more and more I have changed my opinion on what I want to do. While this definitely isn’t the final decision I will say that I feel like I have been able to learn a lot more about how I can reach what I want to do in different ways. I have always just wanted to do good in the world and while I have been in my internship I realized that there is more to doing good than just grassroots efforts and that there can be a way to reach a greater impact than just working for a company with great intentions. I have learned that there are many non profits that do not have an understanding of how to run efficiently and sustainably and I think that what I want to do is become someone that can help a non-profit flourish and reach its fullest potential. I think that I have learned that although I never expected that I would want to go into business necessarily, I want to get my MBA because it could be something that would really be beneficial in the long run to my aspirations of running and organizing a non-profit.


Raised in Detroit. U of M class of 2019

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