Half Way Through – Caleb Bohn #5

I past the halfway point a few weeks ago here at Polaris. My projects are in full swing and I feel at home. It’s definitely different than school as school sort of is always lingering in your mind once you go home. I have about 5-6 main projects that I have been working on. The largest being the roadmap. I’ve met with 40+ key stakeholders just through that project from the VP level down. I definitely feel like one of the more connected interns as I have been able to meet so many people. I’ve met with people all across Polaris from supply chain, marketing, finance, etc. It’s interesting as I have to do research before each meeting in order to cater my questions toward their job.

I’ve learned a bit about their project management processes and have been able to create an actual project plan. It is great to know that the work I am doing is actually useful and not just filler intern work like I have heard from so many other interns.

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