Last Day | #6

Well I made it through my 10 week internship here at Marsh. It was a great experience as well. I learned so much about insurance — which wasn’t surprising because I came in knowing nothing. But I think that biggest take away from that is how much confidence it gave me. I was pretty nervous coming into the internship that I would have to ask so many questions or that I wouldn’t be cut out for the job because I didn’t know insurance. That wasn’t the case. Everyone said I picked it all up so quickly, hardly needed to ask questions, and could be trusted with a lot of work thrown at me. It was amazing to hear that and definitely makes me feel better going into the future.

I’m still not sure career wise where I would like to go. I’ve been told I’m likely going to get an offer here and while I’m not sure if it’s really what I would like to do having an offer will be nice. But going forward I feel good about going into jobs where I wouldn’t have had much experience in because I feel confident in my ability to pick things up quickly. The nerves won’t be there as much in starting a new job. I think that’s one of the best things about this internship that could’ve happened for me. Especially as a math major seeing all of the opportunities out there and even things such as insurance brokerage can have a place for me to work in.

Ally Y

Currently interning at Marsh in Chicago, IL

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