Week 6: A Farewell to Farms

The last week at the farm was honestly full of the best experiences the whole time. For starters, some of the crops were already ready to be harvested and I got a glimpse– albeit a small one– into finally giving back directly to the community I had spent countless hours working in. The harvest made the long commutes and grueling summer days in the field all worth it. My first and last harvest day went as follows:

We harvested the herb side of the farm with small plant trimmers, leaving a few inches for the crop to quickly grow back ( ). As we cut the beds down, they were stacked into boxes that would be brought to our marketplace (

In the background you can see Ellie cutting and harvesting lavender, it’s safe to say her hands smelled much better after her harvest than mine did with the chives.
). After that several beds, the baskets were brought to our little gazebo– made of recycled shampoo bottles donated by Garnier– where they were arranged and labelled (
Featuring the man, the myth, the legend… Mike!
). After the harvest, we continued working as we waited for people to stroll through and soon enough they did!
Here, Mike gets the information for the customers. It’s important that we keep track of what area they are from and how much they take so we can track data for both our outreach and total donated crops.
This whole process was super rewarding and laid back and served as a wonderful going away present.

There are, of course, a few honorable mentions of interesting or hilarious moments:
1. Making it on TV with a news report about soil quality in inner cities
2. Finding a goldfish in the water reservoir that survived a whole winter in effectively a puddle of water outdoors and a squirrell decomposing in said body of water turning the entire tank a strange green just to die within half an hour of being put into clean water as a bird ate it.
3. The Kentucy Mission trip group through their entire stay
4. The aforementioned trip to Park’s Barbecue

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