First Week, Child Behaviorist Intern | #1

This summer (2018) I will be interning at Penrose Recreation Center in Philadelphia as a Child Behaviorist Intern.

I was drawn to this opportunity because, as part of a big family, I have always been involved with children. As a Biopsychology major, I have had the chance to learn about the child psyche and, adding in my previous experience with children and my classroom learning, I felt that the opportunity to study children in a professional setting would be one that would let me utilize my psychology background while giving me a chance to care for those in need.

My first week I learned that patience is the first step to analyzing and understanding a child’s behavior. Children react to patience by listening more objectively, and being patient gives the analyzer the chance to truly understand what is going on. This week I made sure to keep this information in my mind during interactions with the children, making sure I was an active listener and an active emotional provider. I will continue to keep this in mind throughout my internship and I am excited about the weeks to come.

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