In Hindsight | #5

One week from today, I will have finished my internship at the Florida State Attorney’s Office. In this post, I’ll consider some things I wish I knew at the beginning of my internship, and some advice I would give to those planning on doing an internship in public law.

At the beginning of my particular internship, I wish I had known to take charge more. In my office, all of the attorneys have dozens of cases on their plate at a time. At the start of my internship, however, I was hesitant to go ask individual attorneys what I can do for them, because I thought I would seem annoying. After a week or two, I realized that when I asked if I can do anything for an attorney, they almost always had something for me to do, and were very happy for me to do it. This was also a great way to get to know everybody in the office–just by swinging by, introducing myself, and asking if they needed anything. After doing this a couple times, I learned a lot about how the office operated, and attorneys started coming to me if they needed anything. I just wish I started doing this the first day!

If I could give any advice to anyone planning on doing an internship in public law, it is to develop worthwhile relationships with everyone you can. I’ve had the chance to sit down and talk about my career goals with a lot of people at the office, and they have given me such great advice and introduced me to so many people. It seems like everybody in our court system at Florida SAO knows everybody, so developing a relationship with one person can lead to so many more!

Colton K.

Class of 2020 @UM. Interning at the Florida State Attorney's Office in Tampa, FL for the summer of 2018.

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