My Favorite Experience | #6

My internship wrapped up yesterday and the last week went by like a blur. This summer, outside of our personal work, the interns were tasked with designing and pitching a digital solution to help promote a healthy company culture. The solution that we came up with was an iOS events app to helped to connect people around the office and let them create events to make the office a more cohesive community. After researching and deciding on a big picture solution for the first few weeks, we then spent the next weeks coding and designing a mock-up for our final presentation. The last week was primarily spent preparing our pitch deck and making sure that our story for how we came to our solution and how it addressed the problem was clear.

On the day of our presentation, everyone was a bit nervous. Most of the office of 200 people had been invited, however, we were unsure how many people would show up. The turnout was astounding. The biggest conference room in the office was unable to fit the amount of people who showed up and people were standing outside of the room just to get a view. However, the even better part was the response to our solution. We initially presented to office leadership in the Chicago office, however, they felt so passionate about what we had come up with that we were booked to give the presentation the next day to the Director of all of the North American offices who also loved our idea and wanted it to be rolled out in all other offices after testing a pilot program in Chicago. When we had started this project, we never imagined that it would grow to this scale or that the response would be so overwhelmingly positive. We ended up giving yet another presentation on Friday to people who had heard about our presentation by word of mouth and wanted to see out solution for themselves. After handing over our work to ensure a smooth transition process, we were finally sit back and relax on Friday, satisfied that the all of the work we had put in over the past months had paid off.

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  • August 17, 2018 at 2:52 pm

    Hi Chris. Thank you so much for sharing your favorite experience of your internship! I am so happy to hear that not only was your team able to execute the vision for the platform; but your hard work paid off as it seems like a platform that has the potential to be adopted on a mass scale. That is no small feat. I hope this experience gives you confidence in managing projects during the academic year and beyond into your next internship and/or full-time position. Lastly, I am happy that you shared how the experience in Chicago expanded your appreciation of culture and food! Thanks again for sharing this summer and have a great year. – Jake


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