My Internship: My Mentors

While at my internship at JPMorgan Chase I have had many mentors. The Executive Director in my office is a great mentor of mine. We occasionally have one on one meetings and he gives great advice on being a leader and growing. He has told me about his younger days as a developer and working toward eventually being a manager. He told me I should always try to help others out and diversify my skillset. The Executive Director is also a great role model as I seen him always being the first one in the office and the last one out. My project owner was also a great mentor of mine as I was working close with him. He has always given advice to me on how to work with others, especially cross location. He is always incredibly prepared for every meeting and is on top of every aspect of the project and it inspires me to always be prepared. These great mentors of mine have allowed me to be a better team player and professional in the work place. They also push me to grow as I soon start my career.

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  • August 24, 2018 at 2:14 pm

    It sounds like you have an amazing relationship with your mentors. It is great that you are inspired and motivated by your mentors as well as having conversations with them to grow professionally as a developer. Thomas, I also appreciate that you have also taken note of the way they carry themselves professionally and the way they value time and people. It is such an amazing experience to have multiple people supporting you as you grow professionally in your role.

    Have you had a chance to consider discussing a possible mentorship continuing post your time at the internship as well? It would be an incredible resource to consider as you grow as a developer!

    On that note, I was thinking that if you have done informational interviews as well? They are a great resource to explore your interests further and meet more people. If you haven’t, we do have a couple of resources and tools that can help in informational interviews, you can always reach out to us over email: or give us a call at +1734-763-4674 and we would love to set up a coaching appointment where you can talk to one of our coaches about it in detail.



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