My Internship: The End

Starting out, I did not know how business organize their development process. I thought it would be more like school and we would get project and have to code them as fast as we could. In reality, though, there is a lot more planning and testing involved in the whole process. I spent a lot of times in meetings getting to understand the products we are making and how they would influence the target audience. My favorite experience from this internship would definitely be the networking opportunity, being able to talk to and get to know so many professionals that were once in my shoes and wanted to guide me. I have made many great connections and friendships this summer through my internship. From this internship I would say that I have gained a lot of confidence in myself and my abilities. In school I feel lost many times, but at my internship I feel more confident in my abilities to deliver great bodies of work. Even if I didn’t know something I could easily find documentation on it or ask a co-worker for help. This internship has reassured me that tech is the field I want to dive into after graduation. It is very fast pace and challenging and I want that in my life.

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