Second Week, Child Behaviorist Intern | #2


This week I learned the ABCs of Child Behavior—antecedent, behavior, and consequence. The antecedent is the build up of events and all of the triggers that lead to a certain behavior in a child. The behavior is the response to the antecedent, and the consequence is what happens after the behavior, which can be negative or positive, resulting in a reward or punishment.

I have been able to learn a multitude of things from everyone here at Penrose. The amount of knowledge and experiences here are immense. I have gotten a close look at these ABCs of Child Behavior and I have been able to use these to respond to a child’s needs or create a plan of action that will help the child reflect on that behavior.

In the beginning, I was expecting to learn a lot and, thankfully, that is exactly what has been happening. I was not expecting how much I would be able to learn from the children themselves—kids have the ability to hold just as much knowledge and wisdom as an adult, something that surprised me at first. I am excited at the opportunity to get to know everything these wonderful children can teach me, about themselves and about the world.


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