Settling in | #2

  • How has your internship differed from your beginning expectations? How has it been similar? Has anything surprised you about your internship?

This internship is everything I hoped for and more. I thought that I would not be able to be as hands on because I was not a medical professional. However, I was able to be fully hands-on with taking a patient’s vitals and potentially have a chance to lead an activity for students. I did not think that this internship would be as impactful as it is. Not only am I integrating into the Filipino culture, I also feel like I grew a lot professionally and mentally. I am learning Filipino and experiencing the different aspects of the culture that I would never have known about if not for this trip. I have also met a lot of people that inspire me with the different qualities that they bring to this trip.


One thought on “Settling in | #2

  • August 13, 2018 at 4:51 pm

    Hi Annie!

    Thank you for sharing- I also love the pictures that you took! It’s great to hear that the internship exceeded your expectations. I understand your concern that you might not be experienced enough to help patients, especially since the medical field is full of surprises and prompt actions are often required, but you did great taking care of patients on your own so be proud of your accomplishments so far!

    How do you think you have grown since you began the internship? It is awesome that you are learning about a new culture, and developing the skills to work with people of different backgrounds. How are the surrounding people inspiring you?

    I hope you continue to have positive experiences, and I look forward to reading more about your learning objectives and how the internship impacted you so far!



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