See ya later | Blog #6

Hollywood has always been this impossible enigma to me, and now, I can finally say that I’ve worked in Hollywood. I’ve grown immensely since I’ve been in L.A., and for that, I am both grateful and in shock. In just a matter of two and a half months, I’ve gotten a deeper look at my industry, met a range of different people who’ve all “made it” in their own way, developed strong relationships with my bosses, mentors, peers, and friends, and most importantly, I’ve become a richer, more interesting human being.

Going into this experience, I went in blindly, not knowing how this experience was going to turn out… at all. Working in Hollywood sometimes feels like walking in the dark, and the only way around is to just keep inching forward. However, once I started making connections and friendships, that darkness slowly faded. Halfway through my internship, Hollywood became brighter and brighter, and I felt so capable being in this industry.

I can’t even begin to tell you how often I would have to pinch myself, because I just couldn’t believe this is my life. One second I’m running into an actor from How to Get Away with Murder on my walk to my car, and then another second, I’m developing a show for a major social networking app. One second I’m watching an advanced screening of Crazy Rich Asians, and then another second, the actors from Crazy Rich Asians run out to the audience after the screening. After this exhilarating summer in L.A., I can see how Hollywood can be intoxicating, and I’m learning to enjoy the waves that come with being in Hollywood while also recognizing my privilege and being grateful.

The plane ride back home is going to be an emotional one, but I’m excited to go home and finish off my last year of college strong!


Nina K

SAC major. Class of 2019.

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