All Rise

As I sit at the table typing my last post I remember this week will be different. I finished my internship last week and I am nostalgic. Usually I would be preparing for the week and going to court everyday. However, you know what they say, time goes fast when you are having fun. Or they also say, as soon as you get the hang of the things, things start to change. So, as soon as I got comfortable going to court everyday, meeting clients, taking notes, and doing research my time was almost up. I was given great responsibility while shadowing Ms. Hoard. We started off with 5 interns and the last day it was only 2 of us left. Which in hindsight means I had big shoes to fill. I was not a law student intern but a student attorney who had to be tough, independent, and dedicated to helping our clients.

While shadowing Ms. Hoard I had the chance to do amazing things like attend a client meeting, transcribe, and my attorney was the only attorney who went to court everyday so I learned a lot of legal terms.

Choosing to intern in Ann Arbor and not live out my dreams was actually a good decision. It was better than good, it was great. I had the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and I was inspired, fulfilled everyday. This internship helped me so much I have decided to not only go to graduate school but consider doing a dual degree program or at the very least attend law school after I get my MSW. For anyone on the fence if they want to go to law school or not and are thinking about being an attorney this program is great because you work on actual cases, and everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.

Until next time, all rise the Washtenaw County Court is now out of session.

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