Being Latino In My Internship – Post #3

I work in Gavin Newsom’s office, as a Latino male – one of few Latinx interns in our campaign office. I am one of very few Latinx people in our field office (at least that I have encountered during my time at the office). This was quite an alarming thing that came to my attention as I looked around and noted that very few people in the office looked like me. Perhaps it was an ode to the type of internship that I put myself on to, an unpaid campaign internship in the heart of Los Angeles. Only certain types of people were able to afford those types of opportunities, to pay to commute everyday to Los Angeles, among other socioeconomic barriers. I found the other Latinx interns I encountered experienced similar problems as I. Maybe this was due to Antonio Villaraigosa being a prominent opponent in the primary that I was one of very few Latinx on staff, but I think it says more about the accessibility of an internship like this.

Despite this, I am extraordinarily grateful to be a part of this campaign team and I am grateful to have learned so much about different people from other backgrounds. It also granted the opportunity to discuss with other people about my own heritage and the types of things we face on a daily basis. Definitely, the largest portion of culture I put my fellow interns on to was food, it was extraordinarily entertaining to see other people enjoy the different types of Mexican food we encountered throughout our internship. It was a rewarding part of being a part of this internship and it gave me a sense of pride to be able to represent Latinos in my program. It was an incredible experience and as I wrap up this internship, I know it’s going to be sad to leave!

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