Blog 4: The benefits behind social media

During these past few weeks with my internship, I have been working with the use of social media to promote business. Since my internship is construction based, I work with the photos of the finish job to publish to the social media sites. With this technique I was able to identify the pros and cons of using social media for promotion. Stating with the con, it is pricey. The business payed  fees by using promotion through their social media so that clients will be able to access their work in a easier way. A pro is that through photo publishing, many clients were also able to view the jobs that the company worked on for the summer season. This gave the clients an opportunity to see ideas and examples of the work before they decided on what type of design, brick, or any other detail they wanted on their property.  Being able to share the finished material benefited the company by promoting the work and showing the clients how the job would be conducted to clarify the job process.

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