Blog 5: 1 star or 5 stars?

Yelp.  A website where thousands of business are reviewed by people. Through my internship, my supervisor checked the company’s Yelp page often and read every single review. I learned that any it has a powerful control over the business public view because customers commented on their experience with the company. My supervisor would often read one star reviews from customers that were unhappy with the job process. In order to fix the issues presented with clients, the company reached out to the customers and tried to solve any issue they had to avoid any present and future issues. The company deeply cared about the client’s satisfaction and commented with the clients about any issue. The company gave a 5 year guarantee and wanted the job to represent the company’s values. On the other hand, five star reviews were less stressful to deal with because it provided a satisfactory representation of the company. But with the highs and lows, the company always spoken on behalf of the job and communicated with all past, present, and future clients. Yelp helped us identify the issue some clients faced and helped in knowing what the issue was to in job issues or communication conflicts.

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