Figuring Out Spanish | #5

Although I grew up in Los Angeles and was always exposed to a lot of people who were bilingual in English and Spanish, I have never once spoken or studied the Spanish language. I have never put it on my resume as a skill or even made it moderately believed that I can speak Spanish.

So when a full-time member of my team asked all of the interns to help with a project entirely in Spanish, my hesitation was quite obvious. This member of our team, Christian, helps us with all of our Latin American clients and he speaks fluent Spanish. Our job was to help him identify executives in potential clients that he can connect with when he goes to Latin America for a business trip.

However, while the project was difficult, I have to thank the other interns I work with and Christian were very helpful. They helped me identify terms, words, and titles that would help me identify the right people. While I wasn’t as quick as I was with my other projects, I was able to succeed due to the help I received from others.

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